ll furs should only be cleaned by a professional specialist fur cleaner. It is a very specialised process and uses special chemicals and machines. Most dry cleaning companies with a good reputation will have a business relationship with a professional fur cleaner and can act as an agent for a fur cleaner in your area. Make sure that they are passing the fur onto a fur professional and do not let the dry cleaning company treat your fur themselves.

No matter what other websites say, furs can not be dry-cleaned like fabric, it is not that simple, it really does use a special set of chemicals and other techniques to clean a fur properly to extend its life, so don't be fooled. Sometimes the backing on the throw or blanket needs to be removed and treated separately if it is soiled. The fur specialist will then check your fur for any weakened areas or holes and repair if necessary.

At home minor spills can be soaked up with a paper towel or cloth. It is possible to gently wipe the fur in the direction that the fur grows with a clean damp cloth but make sure that no water gets through to the leather underneath the fur.

Eight tips for fur storage

  • Store fur in a cool dry place away from sunlight - if possible avoid humidity, heat and light
  • Do not put your fur into a plastic bag; it needs to be able to breathe. Instead use a loose weave cotton bag with plenty of room to move or wrap it loosely in an old but clean sheet
  • Do not use those plastic storage bags that you suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner – they will crush the fur and leather and suffocate the fur
  • Do not store in a cupboard with mothballs – the fur may absorb the smell and it will be hard to remove
  • Do not allow the fur leather to get wet – so make sure the storage location is away from all possible leaks & moisture
  • Do not put other objects on top of the stored fur – remember we are trying to keep air circulation at all times
  • Store away from kitchens or other activities that create smells that can absorb into the fur over time
  • When the fur throw/blanket comes out of storage give it a good vigorous shake to fluff up the fur and if needed air it out in fresh air



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General Questions

Q – Are you a factory owner or a products reseller?
A – We are factory owners and we, solely, manufacture all the products found on this shop.

Q – Do you sell customized patchwork cowhide rugs & fur products?
A – Yes we can customize any product of our shop in any shape, size or combination you fancy. Please keep in mind that cowhide and fur rugs are unique (since nature does not repeat itself), thus the end product of any customization will be a very similar one to your original choice.

Q – Do you have a showroom?
A – Yes we have a showroom, and everybody is more than welcome to visiting us. Our showroom is located in northern Greece at the city of Kastoria which has an old tradition and holds a great reputation in fur & leather manufacturing.

Q – Are you the reseller of the end products sold here or are you the manufacturer?
A – We buy the skins (hides), which we process in our own factory and deliver the end products to our shop.

Q – How is it possible that you get to sell so cheap this perfect quality?
A – Since this is a family business, now entering the third generation of experience into Fur & Leather manufacturing, we always try to sell directly to retail clients.

Q – Do you collaborate with well-known designers?
A – Yes, the collaboration of well-known Greek and Italian designers, guaranties the continuous updating on trends and styles, meeting the modern needs of decoration and home styling.

Q – Do you wholesale (export) your products to other firms?
A – Yes, mainly our main production is exported to Europe and America continents, where we have a stable clientele since many years.

Q – Do you work under white-label?
A – Yes, for years now we manufacture many products under white-labels sold in the international market.

Questions on Cowhide Products

Q – How long will cowhide last?
A – Cow skin is durable and will last many years depending on how and where you use it. Cowhides do not like to be damp or wet for long periods, so please avoid this treatment. On a sunny day you can put your cowhide outside to air out with the underside facing the sun. Store them in a dry, well ventilated place, preferably rolled around a tube core with a clean cotton sheet to protect from dust and dirt while in storage.

Q - How do cats or dogs react to cowhide? Do they try to eat it?
A - This is a tough one to answer because every pet is different. In general, dogs love cowhides and will start sleeping in the middle straight away. I have not heard of any trouble with dogs eating cowhide, it is tanned so has no flavor or appeal. However puppies do tend to chew on things including leather shoes so I can't make any promises. Most cats start off very wary of cowhide, the smell and texture is foreign to them. They walk around the edges. After they realize that a cowhide is no threat they either ignore it or start sleeping on it as well.

Q - How are the hides tanned?
A - They are tanned using the chrome technique so the back of the leather is a blue grey color. This is the best technique for a soft and floppy leather result. They have not been treated with, and contain no residues of PCP, AZO-colouring agents, Chrome VI, formaldehyde and nickel. The tanneries use an environmentally responsible method of waste treatment that exceeds industry standard requirements.

Questions on Ordering and Safe payments

Q - How can I place an order?
A – You can start by browsing the product catalogue, select the products you wish to buy and put them into your shopping basket. When you are ready, just click on the 'checkout' button and follow the on-screen instructions. Fill out your name, address, phone and email information.

On the PayPal payment page, either login to your existing PayPal account or simply enter your credit card details (no need to make an account). The page is payment secured.

Q - What currency does this website use?
A - The default currency is in Euros, but you can also buy in US Dollars and English Pounds.

Q - What will it cost me for freight?
A - International and local freight is calculated in the shopping basket based on the weight of the product.

Q - Is my order insured while in transit to my delivery address?
A - Yes, we have insurance to cover items while in transit from FUR HOME to your home or office. When the courier arrives, please check the packaging for damage and open the parcel before signing the courier receipt docket to check that everything is OK.