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Fight the Landlord Everyday (Real Players Version) Won The Black Stone Award “the Most Popular Brain Training Game” in 2017

2017-12-28 12:05:17 Zengame Technology Holding Limited Read

The 3rd Black Stone award ceremony was held in Sanya on Dec. 21st. With its own strength and popularity of many players, the brand product of ZEN-GAME Fight the Landlord Everyday (Real Players Version) secured the Black Stone Award “the Most Popular Brain Training Game” in the year 2017.


What is worth mentioning is that Fight the Landlord Everyday (Real Players Version) also won this heavyweight award. Winning it again in 2017 demonstrated ZEN-GAME’s comprehensive strength and influence in the recreational gaming field. It also proved that the gaming industry and players recognized the achievements that Fight the Landlord Everyday (Real Players Version) have accomplished in 2017.


Black Stone Awards were first held in 2015. It’s the hardcore alliance formed by OPPO, VIVO, Coolpai, GIONEE, Lenovo, HUAWEI and MEIZU. They are the seven best smart phone manufacturers and represent the strongest domestic games launching channels. The mobile phone games awards were comprehensively evaluated based on internet votes and channel data. It has come to its 3rd year now and is regarded as one of the premiere awards with the most authority. It has won praise inside the industry because of its fairness and openness during the awarding evaluation. Therefore, winning “Black Stone Awards” not only shows players’ love for the game, but also recognition of the company and its products from industry insiders.


Ever since Fight the Landlord Everyday (Real Players Version) was launched, ZEN-GAME has kept close cooperation with all important channels and obtained their consistent recognition. ZEN-GAME always serves its millions of players with the best game experiences and is loved by players. Registered users have exceeded 100 million, far beyond its peers. In the future, ZEN-GAME will keep working hard, improving product quality, and sincerely cooperating with M.H.A to help to enhance prosperity to the mobile phone gaming industry.