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ZEN-GAME Was Designated As Dedicated Data Testing Service Provider by International Game Copyright Trading Platform, Helpful to Improve Gaming Communication Between China and South Korea

2016-12-08 18:37:19 Zengame Technology Holding Limited Read

Dialogue with Yan Chen, Business Director of ZEN-GAME

SHENZHEN ZEN-GAME Technology Co.,Lt is a comprehensive service provider that focuses on building a world-class recreational competitive and entertaining platform. It was founded in July, 2010, with headquarter located in Shenzhen. Its angel investor Liqing Zeng was one of the founders of Tencent. The core team members were core founders of the director level from Tencent QQ Game. They have experience in R&D and operation for over 10 years. Their technology accumulation is at the top of domestic R&D teams. In the past three years, by internal investment and external collaboration, ZEN-GAME has integrating from IP, R&D, payment, channels input and promotion to upstream and downstream of the products operation industry chain, and has formed strength to provide users with refined characteristic entertaining experiences. Its industry influence goes far beyond its peers.

Cbigame: Thank you General Chen for accepting our interview. I know ZEN-GAME is the member of International Game Copyright Trading Platform (IGT). What role does ZEN-GAME play in IGT?

Yan Chen: Yes. We are the only testing service platform in China for IGT. We provide testing  services. South Korea’s games enter China via IGT’s platform. In the early stage, we do the testing for them and evaluate their products. In later stages, we can help  promote them.

Cbigame: Could you please detail product evaluation?

Yanchen: It’s mainly about a game product’s contents and its overall integrity, product orientation and operation. We’ll analyse the big data of game operation tests, including the local market operation channel analysis of this product, user analysis, competitors’ products analysis, etc. We’ll study and arrange the related data, provide development potential analysis, evaluate the revenue and finally come up with a description of risks and solutions for the companies.  

Cbigame: Do you think IGT appeals to South Korean game manufactures?

Yan Chen: IGT appeals greatly to South Korean games manufacturers, especially to those medium and small independent R&D teams. I think IGT is a bridge between medium and small teams in South Korea and distributing channels in China.

Cbigame: If so, what influence will the establishment of IGT bring to the domestic gaming market?

Yan Chen: IGT makes it easier for South Korean games to enter China, which will increase the richness of China’s gaming market. At present, domestic games, especially mobile phone games, have high repetition. We import games from South Korea at this moment. I’d like to say that a platform like IGT just found the opportunity and plays a very important role. At the same time, IGT also benefits domestic small teams. It can help excellent products from small teams to go out of China. 

Cbigame: General Chen has contact with quite a few gaming teams from South Korean. Could you please talk about what you have learned?

Yan Chen: I talked to four game manufacturers from South Korean today. Due to limited time, I only have a basic understanding of their products. I hope I can have more opportunities to communicate with them in future and set up a base for further cooperation.

Cbigame: After knowing all these games from South Korea, what differences do you think there are between these games and those in China?

Yan Chen: The games I saw today were mainly light games, which won’t occupy too much of your time. They are very recreational. Generally speaking, they have their own characteristics in their own enjoyment and richness of play. I think they can attract players. I think they can fit the current Chinese gaming market. But they need some localization before they officially enter China’s market.

Cbigame:Thank you very much for your accepting our interview.

Yan Chen: You’re welcome. Thank you very much too.